Social Network Analysis web tool – Truthy

Researchers from Indiana University Bloomington, IN, have developed a tool assisting social sciences researchers lacking technical know-how to get insights into the  behavior and community layout from the individual posts of thousands of users from Twitter data. What Truthy accomplishes… Continue Reading

Social media: positives and negatives in the case of “Lost Girl”

Last Sunday (14/04/2013) was the season finale (s3) of the Canadian show “Lost Girl”, which I have been watching for a while. The show also has a very dedicated fan base – they create websites, forums, art, tumblr, facebook and twitter posts,… Continue Reading

Information flow analysis of a small community

Social media and the Internet have had a profound effect on developing and sustaining fan communities in the past 20 years. Advances of technology have allowed for cheaper and instantaneous communication between members of fandoms, allowing them not only to talk about… Continue Reading

US Election season 2012 and the role of social media

The US 2012 elections are over, and as an outside (understand european) observer, I was once again fascinated about their process. Americans are passionate about politics and certain issues, which I can’t understand – like the problem about abortion rights, and… Continue Reading

Twitter introduces better Facebook integration

TheNextWeb announced that Twitter has added photos, hashtags and usernames links to the Facebook status updates for people who have linked their Twitter and Facebook accounts. This is a positive thing, because it allows easier clicking to follow a story… Continue Reading