Social Network Analysis web tool – Truthy

Researchers from Indiana University Bloomington, IN, have developed a tool assisting social sciences researchers lacking technical know-how to get insights into the  behavior and community layout from the individual posts of thousands of users from Twitter data. What Truthy accomplishes… Continue Reading

The Week in Social Media (17-23 June)

During this week (17-23, June 2013) in social media we had some interesting news coming from Facebook, Twitter. Here are the improvements: 1. Instagram introduced on June 20th video capabilities to the service in order to compete better with Vine (which… Continue Reading

The e-book revolution and what problems are ahead of us?

In this post I would like to point out some of the future challenges that we might face about further ebook adoption. This is not an extensive list, nor is it possible that we consider every difficult lying ahead of… Continue Reading

US Election season 2012 and the role of social media

The US 2012 elections are over, and as an outside (understand european) observer, I was once again fascinated about their process. Americans are passionate about politics and certain issues, which I can’t understand – like the problem about abortion rights, and… Continue Reading

Turning magazines into social networks

Netizine is a new startup that offers fully functioning HTML5 applicationto that turns magazines into social networks, which might be the beginning of the new business paradigm for magazine publishers.  So far there are mixed stories about the success of the digital… Continue Reading