The Week in Social Media (17-23 June)

During this week (17-23, June 2013) in social media we had some interesting news coming from Facebook, Twitter. Here are the improvements: 1. Instagram introduced on June 20th video capabilities to the service in order to compete better with Vine (which… Continue Reading

LinkedIn quietly conquers the new publishing frontier

In the beginning of February 2013, LikedIn reported revenue of $303.6 million, and net income of $11.5 million, effectively increasing its stock market valuation by about 20%. But during the call with investors, CEO Jeff Weiner said something very important:… Continue Reading

What is included in your personal data file on social networks and services?

I am usually not a person who is overly afraid of the information I’ve shared on various networks and services, but after voting on the proposed Facebook changes, I began thinking whether I can establish how much exactly I’ve shared… Continue Reading

US Election season 2012 and the role of social media

The US 2012 elections are over, and as an outside (understand european) observer, I was once again fascinated about their process. Americans are passionate about politics and certain issues, which I can’t understand – like the problem about abortion rights, and… Continue Reading

Football Transfers looked from a social network analysis perspective

I’ve been huge football fan since I was a child1 and have always watched closely various national championships as well as international competitions. That was one of the reasons to collect transfer data for the football seasons 2010-2011, 2011-2012 and… Continue Reading

Turning magazines into social networks

Netizine is a new startup that offers fully functioning HTML5 applicationto that turns magazines into social networks, which might be the beginning of the new business paradigm for magazine publishers.  So far there are mixed stories about the success of the digital… Continue Reading

Collect posted information on social networks about your event

Imagine you attended or organized an event and wanted to see what has been shared online before, during, and after the event about it. Well, now you can with a new startup, which platform is still in Beta testing, called… Continue Reading