Social Network Analysis web tool – Truthy

Researchers from Indiana University Bloomington, IN, have developed a tool assisting social sciences researchers lacking technical know-how to get insights into the  behavior and community layout from the individual posts of thousands of users from Twitter data. What Truthy accomplishes… Continue Reading

Collaboration on Social Media: Analyzing Successful projects on sites like GitHub

The paper by researchers in Japan focused on finding key drivers for the success of projects on social coding sites like GitHub. The team has collected data on more than  300 000 projects (both personal and enterprise ones) through GitHub… Continue Reading

‘Science 2.0’: European Commission opens talks about the future of science

From 03.07.2014 to 30.09.2014 the European Commission has opened a consultation on “Science 2.0”  in order to gauge the full potential of and desirability for policy action, concerning the evolution of scientific work. Furthermore, through the consultation, valuable information about… Continue Reading

Academic torrents – share data sets and papers

Have you had the problem of wanting to share you research data but couldn’t do it because of size, bandwidth restriction, or something similar? Well today by chance I have discovered Academic Torrents. It is a distributed repository based on… Continue Reading