Academic torrents – share data sets and papers

Have you had the problem of wanting to share you research data but couldn’t do it because of size, bandwidth restriction, or something similar? Well today by chance I have discovered Academic Torrents. It is a distributed repository based on… Continue Reading

The e-book revolution and what problems are ahead of us?

In this post I would like to point out some of the future challenges that we might face about further ebook adoption. This is not an extensive list, nor is it possible that we consider every difficult lying ahead of… Continue Reading

Turning magazines into social networks

Netizine is a new startup that offers fully functioning HTML5 applicationto that turns magazines into social networks, which might be the beginning of the new business paradigm for magazine publishers.  So far there are mixed stories about the success of the digital… Continue Reading

PersonSpot allows you to create social magazines in seconds

Have you ever wanted to make your own magazine! Well now it is easier than ever with the new startup PersonSpot. It allows people to publish and share magazines with content they find through their social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn and… Continue Reading