Social media: positives and negatives in the case of “Lost Girl”

Last Sunday (14/04/2013) was the season finale (s3) of the Canadian show “Lost Girl”, which I have been watching for a while. The show also has a very dedicated fan base – they create websites, forums, art, tumblr, facebook and twitter posts,… Continue Reading

Unrelated ad placements from Facebook

I am writing this post today because I am honestly flabbergasted from Facebook’s ad placement on  the right side of my account. After all the information I have willingly shared with the social network, I would assume that they actually could produce… Continue Reading

Amazon is offering customized Brand Pages

Amazon is rolling Brand Pages under its new Amazon Marketing Services, as reported first by Techcrunch on November 20th.  Through the pages, Amazon gives the ability to companies to set their own brand pages with customized URLs (,  specific design and integration with… Continue Reading

Podcasts as part of the digital strategy

Podcasts are recorded audio/video files and offered for download/subsription for users to enjoy them on their computers/phones/tablets/mp3 players. Here are some advantages of podcasting: Remember that different people consume content in different ways – some prefer reading, others listening, and… Continue Reading