Academic torrents – share data sets and papers

Have you had the problem of wanting to share you research data but couldn’t do it because of size, bandwidth restriction, or something similar? Well today by chance I have discovered Academic Torrents. It is a distributed repository based on… Continue Reading

Social media: positives and negatives in the case of “Lost Girl”

Last Sunday (14/04/2013) was the season finale (s3) of the Canadian show “Lost Girl”, which I have been watching for a while. The show also has a very dedicated fan base – they create websites, forums, art, tumblr, facebook and twitter posts,… Continue Reading

LinkedIn quietly conquers the new publishing frontier

In the beginning of February 2013, LikedIn reported revenue of $303.6 million, and net income of $11.5 million, effectively increasing its stock market valuation by about 20%. But during the call with investors, CEO Jeff Weiner said something very important:… Continue Reading

The e-book revolution and what problems are ahead of us?

In this post I would like to point out some of the future challenges that we might face about further ebook adoption. This is not an extensive list, nor is it possible that we consider every difficult lying ahead of… Continue Reading

Online Activism – 2012 and beyond

 There is no person on the planet that is not willing to admit the important role that social networks and online activism played in the recent years – not only for assisting political change in regions like Egypt, the protests… Continue Reading