Unrelated ad placements from Facebook

I am writing this post today because I am honestly flabbergasted from Facebook’s ad placement on  the right side of my account. After all the information I have willingly shared with the social network, I would assume that they actually could produce… Continue Reading

What is included in your personal data file on social networks and services?

I am usually not a person who is overly afraid of the information I’ve shared on various networks and services, but after voting on the proposed Facebook changes, I began thinking whether I can establish how much exactly I’ve shared… Continue Reading

Amazon is offering customized Brand Pages

Amazon is rolling Brand Pages under its new Amazon Marketing Services, as reported first by Techcrunch on November 20th.  Through the pages, Amazon gives the ability to companies to set their own brand pages with customized URLs (www.amazon.com/YourBrand),  specific design and integration with… Continue Reading

US Election season 2012 and the role of social media

The US 2012 elections are over, and as an outside (understand european) observer, I was once again fascinated about their process. Americans are passionate about politics and certain issues, which I can’t understand – like the problem about abortion rights, and… Continue Reading

Twitter introduces better Facebook integration

TheNextWeb announced that Twitter has added photos, hashtags and usernames links to the Facebook status updates for people who have linked their Twitter and Facebook accounts. This is a positive thing, because it allows easier clicking to follow a story… Continue Reading