Algorithmia: the marketplace for algorithms

If you have spent some time in Academia, you are well aware that what you have written in scientific papers is read at best by your peers. algorithmiaMaybe you have proposed and outlined a great algorithm, but essentially it will have a limited audience due to hardship of people discovering the right paper, extracting the necessary information from it and implementing it.

This is where Algorithmia comes in. Its goal is to match businesses that own vast amount of data but have no potential of analyzing it with academics that have developed algorithms for analyzing data.

As Algorithmia creators say:

Algorithmia is moving away from developers working in isolation and toward providing a community for algorithm developers to share knowledge, test algorithms, and run them directly in their applications. What’s different is that every algorithm is live, so no more spending time finding the right libraries, compilers, and/or virtual machines—Algorithmia takes care of all of that for you.

Essentially, Algorithmia on the one side is a marketplace for algorithms, but is also more than that. You can test every algorithm on the site since the code is live and running and the consumer only needs to use the algorithm through Algorithmia API.

It is still in private beta and it won’t be a free usage – you have to pay for certain amount of request to the API. Still it has the potential to change the data analysis field and create a new algorithms service industry. And if you are a developer, you have the option to charge people who want to use your algorithm, effectively making money from your intellectual work.