Academic torrents – share data sets and papers

Have you had the problem of wanting to share you research data but couldn’t do it because of size, bandwidth restriction, or something similar? Well today by chance I have discovered Academic Torrents. It is a distributed repository based on BitTorent of research data shared by researchers for other researchers to use.

The service provides an index of scientific data, redundant network and open access.

You can search data sets or papers by name, author or data set, or use the browsing feature to just look for a data set of interest.

When you choose a data set, you can learn more about it from the provided information about data type, abstract and brief description. There is also a Bibtex for additional reference.

Additionally, registered users can comment on data sets, as well as upload their own research data.

I hope the idea will gain traction in the Academic community and probably even combine some parts with