Syme – the encrypted social network

With all the revelations about NSA spying on pretty much the the whole world, it is not surprising that a new social network has been developed that heavily focuses on security and encryption.

This network is called Syme and works with encrypted groups in order to prevent spying. How it works is that you sign up, create an encrypted group where you can invite and socialize with friends/colleagues/etc. syme According to the creators of Syme, even the social network administrators are unable to view your group messages, photos that you post.

You also can’t browse for friends, because of the privacy, and therefore only invited people can join groups.

For now, Syme is working only as a Chrome extension and uses two-level encryption based upon the Stanford JavaScript Crypto Library.

Additional benefit is that Syme is based in Canada, preventing the US government to use its Patriot Act to obtain data as it does with american based companies like Google and Facebook.

One should not of course that Syme still records data about the communication – IP, time stamp of the messages and size of the uploaded files.

Try it out for yourself – it is similar to G+ and Facebook, but with a security twist!