Google teams up with edX to create new educational platform

Since Google I/O this year, Google has presented several educational activities – Google Play for Education, Google Apps for Education, as well as their open-source course building platform, Course Builder – launched in 2012. elearning

This interest in online education was furthered with a partnership between Google and edX to develop – an online learning portal for academic institutions, governments, businesses and individuals, giving them a place to create and host online courses. The MOOC (massive open online courses) platform will be built on Google infrastructures and along with allowing people to create courses and learn, it will focus on understanding how people learn and how this insight can help transform education through technology.

Google is also participating in the new Open Education Alliance, announced by Udacity co-founder and CEO and California Lt. Governor. The Alliance is dedicated to decreasing the skills gap and developing standards for career improvement by providing content and expanding the reach of educational institutions beyond geographically constricted places.

Below is a graph from Scientific American article – Massive Open Online Courses, aka MOOCs, Transform Higher Education and Science – which graphs the changing attitudes toward MOOC and the increasing need for such platforms in the future not only for future students, but for current workers, trying to improve their skill set. is set to go live in the first part of 2014 and with the rise of MOOCs as well as the backing from Google, we can expect the venture to provide a new stage in online learning.