Tumblr launched its own book club

I love reading books. Always have, always will. A lot of times I share book related information, graphs, quotes, etc on my Tumblr and when I saw that there is an official Tumblr book club, I was extremely interested to see what it is about.

The Tumblr bookish community is very active in sharing content about books and reading and I believe this club – could have a lot of potential. tumblr_mswwc8rzgz1sg8cweo1_r1_1280 After all Tumblr is very special platform for sharing content and having a conversation – by reblogging someones post, you not only endorse them, but it goes on your own blog with your personal commentary. The conversation through reblogging could be followed by all interested parties, reblogging and adding personal opinions and the original post can become an evolving commentary on a book topic. Furthermore, Tumblr users are not bound to use only one way to express themselves – they can post written reviews, fan art, gifs, music commentary, poems, fan-fiction, letters, running twitter commentary about a book.

The best part of it – the book club is not bound by geography, social status, age, gender. Anyone who likes to read can participate in the conversation, with new people discovering books, ideas, conversations through the very useful tag function.

The first book participating in the book club is Rowell – “Fangirl” with the author herself an avid Tumblr user.

If you want to participate in the book club, you can either post about the book on your own Tumblr and tag the posts with #reblogbookclub or by submitting posts to the book club’s Tumblr account.

Although still an experiment, I sure hope they will continue with the book club, maybe someday expanding it to fan-fiction, which is already pretty popular on Tumblr as a genre.