The Week in Social Media (17-23 June)

During this week (17-23, June 2013) in social media we had some interesting news coming from Facebook, Twitter. Here are the improvements:

1. Instagram introduced on June 20th video capabilities to the service in order to compete better with Vine (which is owned by Twitter). The new feature will allow users to shoot 15 seconds videos that are composed from one or more clips. Users will be able to use around 13 filters to apply to their videos as well as an anti-shake option.

2. I am not exactly certain when Facebook introduced the ability to comment on a post with a picture, but I have noticed it is their from this week. comment-with-picture It is only available when you are commenting on individual users statuses and the option is not there when you try to comment with a picture on a page status. Currently you can’t comment with picture through the mobile app, though it is expected the service to the mobile apps to roll out shortly.

3. New Facebook Insights – Facebook had not changed Insights for pages for at least 3 years, but they finally updated the analytics with more options.


The layout is completely redesigned and important new features are presented.

  • Statistics that were previously band together (in the “people talking about this”) are now further broken down (likes, people engaged, page tags and mentions and check-ins), allowing managers to analyze reach and engagement of separate posts.
  •  There is a new graph, where you can see unlikes and people hiding and reporting posts as spam.
  • Before the update, Insight showed page managers information on a demographic – age, gender, country, city, language, but it did not give information whether or not those users were engaging with the published content. The new insights are changing this by providing better demographic information which includes people reached and people engaging with content.
  • Better understanding of when FB page fans are online and which types of posts are generating the most engagement with users.
  • In the Posts Tab, you can click on each of your posts and receive further information on how the respective post performed. There is data on people reached, likes/comments/shares, possible negative feedback, clicks – link ones or other, as well as picture views.

The new Page Insights are easier to navigate, have better layout and the dashboard creates a better picture of the Page analytics than before. All in all, great change from Facebook!

4. Vine to introduce more features – Vine has  been dropping clues about possible new features that will be rolling – possibility of a full screen videos, text/messaging service inside vine, or embedding text in a video is another option that is in speculation, and possibly the most important feature that has been advertised by one of the Vine co-founders is from a clip that suggest the option to cut clips directly from the app. Another speculation is the ability to stitch Vine clips together directly from the app seamlessly. The final clue is the coming of curated categories – Science and Technology, etc.


5. Yahoo to acquire Qwiki – it has been rumored this week that Yahoo’s CEO – Marissa Mayer – is still shopping for startups and on her radar is Qwiki, which is a popular app that allows user to turn photos, sound and video into short movies. If the deal goes through, it will be of little surprise considering the current portfolio of the Internet giant. Yahoo is owner of Flicker and last month finalized a purchase of Tumblr. Qwiki will fit perfectly with Tumblr, as the latter micro blogging platform consists of a lot of gifs, short videos, sound and pictures.

6. Twitter bought Spindle and closed the service down promptly. Spindle was location-based social discovery engine. The entire team will move to Twitter HQ in San Francisco, where it will work on new Twitter projects. 

The past week provided a lot of news in the social media world, have I missed something – please share it with me!