AP twitter account falls victim to hackers

We’ve seen recently a lot of twitter accounts hacking – Burger King, FIFA(two accounts), Jeep, BBCWeather, CBS, but today Associated Press account was hacked, and a post was published making FALSE claim that there were explosions at the White House.


Because it was only AP account reporting such “news”, people quickly realized it was not reality and indeed the account has been compromised, which was confirmed later and the account has been suspended:

What was a negative effect was the DOW J plummeting right after the tweet from AP. And although the market recovered almost immediately, it still created some waves and scare, not to mention that probably someone was able to make money of this short dip in the market.

From recent hacking activity on official Twitter accounts, the social media company should consider implementing two-step verification faster.

Update: It has been confirmed that the Syrian Electronic Army is behind the AP twitter account hack, following similar attacks to BBCWeather, CBS and FIFA.

In this post here from Christopher Mims, is described how from phishing emails, the attackers were able to install malware on several AP computers and gain access to the Twitter account.