Hologram image on your phone – it is possible

HP has been struggling lately with innovation, development and acquisition decisions, but several days ago came the announcement that HP researchers were able to create a holographic image on a phone. Not only all our science-fiction dreams of holographic images can soon become reality, but now when my mother is angry with me on the phone, I could be able not only to hear her, but also to see her waving her finger (or something along those lines).

HP was able to produce a display technology with nanopatterned grooves, which bend the light reflecting off an object in various directions in order to create a 3D image. Depending on the number of grooves (which can direct red, green, and blue light in a certain direction) will be determined how many viewpoints would be available. According to the scientists, the images  “seem to float in mid-air without the need for glasses or other headgear. Unlike holograms, however, those floating images persist as one tilts the display by a large angle in any direction.”1 The technology allows the videos to be seen from 64 different points (200 viewpoints for still images) without any need of 3D glasses.

For now there is no set date when the technology will be market-ready, but no doubt this will  bring new wave of innovation in many different sectors – healthcare, education, various types of geek uses for recreational/fan activities, design, sports, and many more that we cannot even imagine now.

You can read the whole paper in Nature (payed)

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