Create your personal private network in the cloud

It is all about cloud technology nowadays. And one business – Pertino – has an option that allows you to create a secured wide-area-network. 12-SDN-Start-Ups-Reference-Pertino-2 It is running entirely in the cloud, and what is the best thing is that you can create a cloud service without investing tons of money in hardware, software and support.

Currently, Pertino is offering a free plan for small businesses – up to three people, each with three devices connected. What you need is a valid email to set up the whole network, which will be runnning across many cloud providers, one of the beeing Amazon Web Services and Rackspace, and being managed by a web-based portal. Unfortunately, for now they are supporting Windows devices, with Mac OS-X and Mobile platforms support expected soon. I am very unhappy there is no support for Linux systems, after all so many servers are LAMP based, and many users have Linux system, myself included. I had to get Pertino on my VM with Win7(x32).

Once you install Pertino software on your computer, you can create an account and add servers and computers to your network, as well as invite others to join your network. pertino The new users in turn add their own devices to the network, and can be used as file sharing, remote desktop and access to various parts of the network (An API interface can give you third-party integration with Active Directory for example) ad hoc.

All in all, I am looking forward towards getting support for mobile devices and linux, thus I can create a network on the go for all my devices.