Unrelated ad placements from Facebook

I am writing this post today because I am honestly flabbergasted from Facebook’s ad placement on  the right side of my account. After all the information I have willingly shared with the social network, I would assume that they actually could produce some valuable advertisements I can use. There was so much talk about the valuable ad system from Facebook because of the ability to segment users based on interests they’ve shared on the network.

So on the picture below I have two commercials – one about shoes (high-heels at that) and about getting pregnant. On top of them (not included in the pic) is an ad about quitting smoking, all three things I have no desire to pursue. The perplexing thing is that I have never even shared a piece of information related to those three subjects – I hate high-heels, do not want to even hear about children and have no desire to stop smoking. So why?

horrible-adsI am sorry that the commercials are in Bulgarian, but the service recognizes I am currently in this geographical zone.

Google on the other hand has almost always produced relevant ads, due to the fact that when I search in Google, I am obviously hunting for something I am interested in. Every once in a while Google mistakes me for a man because most of my interests – football, computers, technology and finance are mostly male related. But I am used to it and don’t care, it is not their fault that they have put certain interests in a gender specific boxes. It is society’s fault and their limited understanding of human fluidity. At least Google got my age and languages almost entirely right, as well as most of my interests. Here is a snapshot of what Google has inferred about me based on cookies:



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