Social Media Tools to manage your networks

I’ve been managing lots of social media accounts – not only personal, interest based, but also for various clients. This provides me with a lot of information to remember, as well as a certain manageability challenge. That is why I am very happy there are some great tools, which ease my life and work. Therefore, I decided to make a list of the ones I’ve been using so far.


Hootsuite is an established social media management tool, which supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, WordPress, MySpace, and Mixi. You can work collaboratively on the accounts with other team members – users can create various assignments for team members and put respective statuses on them. You can schedule posts, to which you can attach media files and manage the privacy settings. One of the best things on HootSuite is their analytics sections, from which you can choose various types of reports – customized or pre-set up ones. I usually use a custom one, where I can choose which modules to use.



The goal of SocialBro is to provide you with important data analysis and management tool for your Twitter account/s. SocialBro gives you a report with best times to tweet, to analyze followers and lists, to discover new users and send tweets from the platform. One of the amazing options is the ability of insights option, which gives you information about languages spoken, time zones, platforms used (web, mobile), web urls, ratio followers/friends, etc.



When you want to look up a user or follow a hashtag, you can use SocialBro to gather more information about them, like this here:


This is a relatively new CRM service aimed at Twitter and focuses on build and nurture relationship in a business setting. It allows you to filter users by relationship and follower status, to monitor engagement, discover influencers and tweet directly from the platform. You can also see (as well as export in PDF) an activity report.



is dedicated to aggregating Google+ data for any profile or page. It allows you to see data by type (locations, pictures, people, etc) as well as statistics about posting behaviour per weekday and hour. Another great option of AllmyPlus is the ability to download the data in CSV.



Real-time social media analytics, with topsy you can compare hashtags, view mentions and historical information about your accounts, and look through trending metrics. Along with analytics, you can also use the social search, where you can search for terms and see how are they trending, as well as creating alerts for the trends (hashtags, videos, photos, etc) of interest for you (for example if somebody mentions your brand)



The tool collects your social stream rebel (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,) into a website that displays what you share dynamically. Furthermore, the service tries to deal with the fragmentation of all your social networks and bring all the information to one place. Thankfully, RebelMouse allows you to delete certain updates that you don’t want to be seen from everybody, as well as giving you the ability to embed the information anywhere you desire. Additionally, you can import your Tumblr and Blog feeds as well.


Seesaw is a real-time social media search and visual discovery. The tool allows you to follow a Twitter hashtag, search term or user name, and those are displayed in a real time stream in multiple columns. Once you see an interesting tweet, you can mark it as seen, for later use. This ability to collect and share tweets on various topics and add new ones through the discovery options is one of the most valuable points of I follow several Twitter chats (#lnrchat), and gives me a great way to follow the conversation and visualize it easier then by just using Twitter. You can as well post tweets from the platform.



Pinterest is one of the great social media channels but one of the things lacking is scheduling option and analytics. And those two latter options were provided by Pingraphy. The one thing to remember when you create your account is to put the pingraphy bookmarklet – because through it you will be pinning your posts.


pingraphyThere are plenty of other tools – both free and paid ones and I will be grateful if you share here the tools you use for your work!


Willie Farmer
Willie Farmer

Glad to know that there are now social media tools that can help manage your networks or even help develop your social media campaign. And these tools will surely help develop business.