Find a cofounder for your startup

Are you a person with a great startup idea, but you prefer to find a partner to go through the adventure with? And what about if you can’t find an entrepreneur within your social network? After all it is rather hard to find the right co-founder. Well several platforms thought about that problem and have created a space where you can search for your startup partner.

One of the biggest sites for this is Founder2Be which act as a matchmaker for entrepreneurs. On the platform you need to create profile, share information about your location, skills, availability, previous projects, startup and fundraising experience, ability to bring seed funding, and of course to define your co-founder preferences. During the process you may want to post your product ideas in order to be matched with the best co-founder possessing the correct interests and skills for your idea. Then you will be matched with the best possible people.

Similar platform – Techcofounder – is a “craigslist-style directory for software engineers and developers” with the goal to start a new company. You can either post an ad as a coder looking for a project, or as a founder, looking for software developers. The caveat here is that profiles can be made only by coders, where they can list their interests and skills, while ads can be posted by anyone.

If you prefer, you can also check Founderdating – where you can go on Meetups with other founders in places like San Francisco, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Seattle. But be mindful that once you apply to the site, you will be screened by the admins in order to keep the quality of users, as well as a balanced skills set present. The site focuses on skills and experience with the ultimate goal to present equal presence of technical and business skills. Moreover, because Founderdating is established as an exclusive LinkedIn type of service, if you are not recruiter or highly recognizable/established name, you will need to pay up to 100$ for access to the network.

So check the services out, find the best co-founder and embark on the entrepreneur adventure of your life. Hopefully your service will shake some business industry up!