Facebook Stories

I’ve been browsing around and have stumbled upon Facebook Stories today. Surprisingly enough it is a unique display of stories about Facebook. And yes, you’ve read that correctly – a place where people can share stories about how the social networking platform has changed their lives, communities, events and so forth. It showcases as well the innovative ways people use the platform and what type of change it can bring.

Apparently each month the issue is dedicated to a specific theme and the collection of stories, videos, posts based about that theme. For me, one of the most interesting themes was the one about degrees of separation mainly because I am very interesting in network theory and social network analysis.

The picture on the right is from an article by Mia Newman about Mapping the world of Friendships, where I can see about my own country – Bulgaria – things I did not know.

But I have to admit – this is not only great marketing tool for Facebook, but also a way to facilitate content creation focused on Facebook, and not only on sharing it on the platform.

If you want – you can post your own story on Facebook Stories but be aware that the app would require access to your information!