Football Transfers looked from a social network analysis perspective

I’ve been huge football fan since I was a child1 and have always watched closely various national championships as well as international competitions.

That was one of the reasons to collect transfer data for the football seasons 2010-2011, 2011-2012 and the current one 2012-2013 (although it is still in the beginning) and look at it trough the lens of social network analysis.

My idea was to see which are the most active clubs, how are they connected and whether through visualization I can find something interesting.

I was not surprised by the finding of the frequent transfers from Arsenal to Manchester City, after all it is a well known joke among football fans that Man City look at Arsenal as their own academy 🙂

But I wanted to see whether the data would show the same thing. I was a little surprised to see Liverpool among the most active clubs in the transfer market, especially since they are not having the best of seasons. Another surprise to me is the lack of a lot of transfer movements from teams in other counties. What the data showed was that the most active clubs are the several clubs from England Premier League, Championship and League 1.

Here is an example of several things I’ve observed:

If you want to use the data for something, you can download it from here. I am not posting the whole essay here because it is rather large, but you can download and read it from here or below:

  1. My favorite team is Manchester United



excuse me dears;
I knew a site that has a good interface and shows football new transfers like this network but with animations and other things do you know what was the site?


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