Tag your documents with QR codes

So this is a startup with some interesting characteristics. TagMyDoc desire is to provide a new process of documents exchange. For that goal it utilizes QR codes in order to facilitate document sharing. 

It works by automatically adding QR code to the document and when it is printed for various purposes – the QR code will appear on the printed copy, so when a person wants a copy of the document, he can just scan the QR code instead of waiting for the author of the document to send it through email.

The amazing part is that you can upload a new version of the same document, and even though people might scan the QR code from the original version of the document, they will receive the latest one.

Of course if the document is proprietary or includes private information, you need to consider how appropriate it is to be stored on the TagMyDoc servers for downloading by people who see your QR code.

Currently there are four pricing plans – two of them free (visitor and basic) and two are paid and offer various levels of access such as file size per document, available storage, and supported versions of a document.

It is a nice service with a lot of potential, so check it out!