Facebook released Offers globally

Lets talk about Facebook offers! First of all you can see them if your page has morethan 400 fans and if you do, you can create an offer. Of course you have to create a budget for it as well, because Facebook starts charging for the service.

At least FB released the Offer option globally for those of us managing pages in other parts of the world except US.

What Offers does is to give you the ability to create discounted coupons which can be shared and claimed by the fans of your page. When creating an offer you can choose between in store only, in store and online, and online only offers, so users can redeem them for the appropriate locations. 

Furthermore, you can add barcodes and other unique codes to the offers you create which allows for better tracking and data analysis respectively.

As for what it costs to run an offer, Facebook says:

We’re also making it easier for people to find the Offers that are most relevant to them. Over the months since the beta launch, we’ve seen that targeting and advertising help get the right Offers in front of the right people, resulting in more happy customers sharing your offer with friends and better sales. Also starting this week, we will require that businesses include targeting and advertising as part of using Offers. Businesses will be able to run offers for a minimal fee, but more advertising budget will lead to greater distribution to your audience. Offers will remain free for people to claim and easily sharable with friends. These changes will help businesses reach the right people more effectively, and will create a better experience for users.

This Facebook strategy is twofold: first of all probably it will give businesses better visibility, but more importantly, it will be another revenue source for FB, which is struggling on the Stock market and to satisfy its stockholders.

Regardless the ulterior motives, the possibility for business to use offers and create certain promotions for attracting customers is great, and I am going to test it and see how well it will be suited.