Turning magazines into social networks

Netizine is a new startup that offers fully functioning HTML5 applicationto that turns magazines into social networks, which might be the beginning of the new business paradigm for magazine publishers. 

So far there are mixed stories about the success of the digital strategies for magazines. Some offer free content, others offer paywall and free content, some develop their own apps for the various OS’s. We’ve also witnessed the birth of Flipboard, Currents, and many more new apps, which goal is to change the way we consume information from newspapers and magazines.

What is common for the above mentioned apps is that they are social in the way how easy it is to share the content with your social networks, comment, give badges for being active, and so forth. And the difference for Netizine is that it gives magazines the tools to build complete social networks within the magazine, which gives readers the ability to socialize around the magazine’s content.

The startup will give publishers various tools to implement into their magazine social network which includes profiles and comments, sharing/bookmarking/favoriting capabilities, rate systems for articles, along with live chat, IMs, group creation around common interest, friend/following capabilities for users, check-ins and other social networks integration.

Hopefully, we can see it working pretty soon and will be as good as it sounds. I signed for an early access and can’t wait to receive one because from what I’ve read there are 7 major publishers already using the platform.