Catch – one of the best note taking apps

I’ve tested a lot of apps for note taking on my Galaxy Nexus – and some were good, others not so much. Most of them had limited functionality, others were not intuitive enough, but recently I discovered Catch and I am fascinated by the app. You can create notes easily and assign privacy levels, as well as collaborators to the notes. Through a central wheel you can see the five different features you can use:

  • Alarm clocks reminders
  • Checklists
  • Photos
  • Voice memos
  • Text

And if you are wondering how to manage all your notes, you can create spaces or use tags to put your notes in a category, decide which ones to be public or private, to which spaces to assign collaborators. You can see also that there is location tagging possibility as well not to mention the ability to protect your most important notes with a password, created if you enable the Passcode lock function

You can choose between free, pro and premier accounts, but even the free account gives you a lot – 3 space (private and public), 70MB monthly storage and you can create Text, web clips, photos, voice memos. The paid options give you 50-200 spaces, 1-5GB of spaces, and along with the other things you can create, you can attach documents, use it as a project management. It is a great tool, very intuitive and easy to use.

Of course if you need more spaces to organize our ideas – then you will need to buy a subscription. Furthermore, if you like to take long notes, their text editing tool is not the best one. Evernote is better for that. But for short notes to jot down ideas – it is a great tool.