Project Library: initial description

Since I’ve been moving very often (give or take every two years) and thus changing continents, I could not afford to bring with me my entire book collection. For me it is a huge problem and thus I started digitizing the books I’ve bought, so I can have them with me wherever my adventures send me.

But after 10 years of scanning and collecting, I am experiencing the slight problem of having a great collection with no way to find anything in it because:

  • the number of files and folders is staggering:
  • large percentage of the files are not labeled correctly: instead of proper name (author/title), most of them are labeled with their ISBN or some short name that I have no way to remember any more when doing a search.
  • Due to copying issues (with back-ups, etc), I have a lot of repeating files
  • Many books are in various formats, depending on the device I’ve used, and now I have for example a single book in formats: pdf, djvu, txt, lit, epub, mobi, as well as many archived ones.
  • During my academic pursuits, still ongoing, I have accumulated a huge number of articles in various fields. Either I’ve bought them or downloaded them from search from Google Scholar, SSNR and many working papers I’ve collected from talking with professors. All those papers are named in many ways, sometimes with number (DOI number or similar). They are mostly .pdf format, but are everywhere – in research folders, in various university subject folders, in library folders. Some are on my tablet, others on my Kindle and on my computer. Managing those articles is crucial for my academic career and almost impossible.

I’ve tried various software solutions1, but the problem is – they are local on my computer, and I need a web based solution. Therefore my goal is:

  1. To create a web based library system (or used an open-sourse one)
  2. Create a way to input meta data about books and articles and find connections between them through the use of semantic technologies (OWL and RDF)
  3. Make further connections between books and articles and online postings relating to them
  4. Enable discovery of data and its relation to subject and research.

Soon, there will be a clear and more concise description of the goals, along with pictures of my current messy state of personal library.




  1. I used Calibre, ReadCube, Mendeley and others