Curiosity has begun its adventure on Mars

I have followed lately the Curiosity rover’s mission to Mars and today it landed on the red planet.

It was amazing to watch online what is happening, and of course the first thing we saw after landing was the rover sending pictures from there.

I am writing this hours after it landed, but I wanted to have some materials to share here. This video here is making me teary eyed when watching – what an incredible achievement in engineering, technology development, programming and overall – human mind.

The mission of this incredible device (worth $2.5B) will continue for two years and will collect data and sediments from the crater in the search for life segments on the planet.

(the picture is from NASA’s website)

During the landing the servers crashed and there was limited access to several pages related to the project. Thankfully, we lived in the connected era, so you can constantly follow and learn more about the Rover through its Facebook Page, Twitter Feed (@MarsCuriosity), iOS and Android apps, as well on the NASA’s and Curiosity websites. By the way on Twitter, the stream is being presented as it is being tweeted personally from the rover, with some incredible tweets like:

So much interest the mission created – which is great for future generations. Congratulations to the everyone involved with Curiosity!