Collect posted information on social networks about your event

Imagine you attended or organized an event and wanted to see what has been shared online before, during, and after the event about it. Well, now you can with a new startup, which platform is still in Beta testing, called Epilogger.

After all, we are constantly sharing with our networks about events we are being at. We share on Facebook, Google+, we live tweet, we post on Flickr/Picasa, we blog about it, we check-in through Foursquare, but there is rarely a way to collect all this information from the various social networks and consolidate it in one place.

That is what Epilogger does. It is a place to go to see what users are sharing about the even during it and afterwards. Once you are logged on the site, you can subscribe for events, rate them, submit information about the event, see all the shared information, as well as a statistics for each event.

This platform has the potential to be a great tool for event organizers, as well as for marketers to analyze event performance. Try it out and see for yourself, I liked it immediately, and I am hoping they will release an API so I can use it for some social network analysis.