Facebook adds new changes to Pages

I’ve recently checked for changes in Facebook Pages and with surprise discovered several. Some of them are very interesting and completely necessary such as:

1. Admin Roles – various admin roles have been around for forums, content management systems, atc for a while and have always been used with great success.  Now Facebook added roles to admins of Facebook pages. You can assign the following roles: Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insights Analyst with various levels of access to the page. Which is great for control of your page.

2. If you have not seen it yet, you can schedule your Facebook Page posts directly on the social network now. You can schedule posts ahead for 6 months, and the time interval is 10 minutes. This is something great, because I can schedule posts directly through Facebook, instead of using Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, or some similar platform.

3. Post analysis – I’ve seen this change recently as well, beneath each post, that tells the administrators about individual posts analytics. Currently, SFK pages has better “reach”, but slim to no engagement. This will be important when analysing the best timing to post, when you will reach the biggest audience.  Here is an example from a post I’ve done a month ago.

4. Promoted Posts – even though I have not used this new option, I have read a lot about it from people who have tested it and said it had some success using it.  Basically, you can pay between $5 and $20 to promote your posts and page. You can visit Mashable’s post to find out more about Promoted posts.

I have been especially excited to see the new Admin roles, but I am equally satisfied with the new analytics for posts. I have discovered that if I post around 6PM Eastern European Time, I get 50% more people reached, than if I post around noon or 1PM. I am still testing it though but for now it seems like a good addition to the insights solution for Facebook.

Have you tested some of the options – especially the Promoted posts, what is your opinion?