Podcasts as part of the digital strategy

Podcasts are recorded audio/video files and offered for download/subsription for users to enjoy them on their computers/phones/tablets/mp3 players. Here are some advantages of podcasting:

  1. Remember that different people consume content in different ways – some prefer reading, others listening, and third viewing and listening, so it is important to produce your message across multiple channels.
  2. Creating a podcast is easy – there are plenty of free software available – like Audacity. Once you are done with the podcast, you can save it as MP3 and post it. With this format people can listen it while they are driving, walking, running, lying on bed, etc.
  3. Podcasting is not only special because of audio/video capabilities, but rather because of the distribution method. It ability to distribute the multimedia through RSS feed makes it incredibly easy for subscribers to find out when there is new content. Furthermore through portability, the user decides the time and place where to listen/view the podcast, being possible to accomplish that even in the car on the way for someplace.
  4. Podcasts can be shared and commented upon, thus reaching bigger audience
  5. Podcasting for training – you can use podcasts as a great supplementary training tool to pass on necessary information.
  6. Through podcasts you can create engagement that spreads further than the web.
  7. You can create podcasts for minimal investment – there are plenty of sites offering free/cheap podcasting services.

Of course for a podcast to be successful, you need to create a good quality files, with defined subjects and content. Additionally, it should be easy for users to subscribe for it and share it.