BlogFest Day 3 – Lessons

When I was in high school my grandmother told me that I will learn new things until the day I die. Being a teenager at the time I seriously thought she was loosing her mind, cause obviously as a teen I believed I knew everything. Now I know I was delusional.
Since I left school I’ve been on so many adventures that thought me incredible lessons – I went to Alaska and found out it is not good to leave food near the tent you are sleeping in cause a bear might come. It actually came and it was scary and exciting.

After those 6 months in Alaska I took on many more adventures – in Alaska and around Europe. But one of the biggest ones was to leave my entire life back home and come to USA to get my masters degree. Maybe not a lot of people can understand it – studying abroad for a semester or year is kind of similar experience but not exactly the same. This is incredible change but one that everyone should try at least ones in his/her life. Later it gets addictive.

Those almost two years here in the States gave me incredible perspective about planning your life. The lesson is that you can’t map your entire life, but instead you should follow the opportunities and embrace change. One of my plans failed this January (and it was a major life plan). But now I realize that maybe this is not such a bad thing. Could it be that the timing is not right, is something better waiting for me just in 2-3 months? The thing is that I would never know if my plan succeeded or if I don’t take the risk and enter the doors that open for me. Afterwards it is hard work to improve and go forward.

I am just grateful that during my adventure at BSU I met incredible people, I learned so much about new cultures and styles of living, I opened myself to new possibilities. I can’t say that one person taught me the most about those lessons – it was a community experience. I took things from my American life, my Bulgarian one – hopefully got the best of the lessons.

All those things were constantly repeated by my friend Tidi. He is a student from Cape Verde and when we met during the initial international orientation meeting in 2010, we hit it off immediately. He always says that things happen for a reason and I just need to wait and see. That a door opens every time another one closes and I should be prepared to embrace the new situations. He also says that love is everything and everywhere. I am slightly more pessimistic than him, but still I am trying to see the world in brighter colors. Soon we will see who was right 🙂

I am a traveler by heart and can’t stay for long in one place so I can’t wait to see where my path is going to take me next – England, Germany, Austria or another country around the world. Only time will tell. But I should take on the new adventure!