Blogfest Day 2

Community – it may mean a lot of things to different people. For me it is – individuals that are getting together to interact on a subject of interest.
Before the Internet, being in a community was constricted due to national/geographical borders, but now, you are able to be part of a community where you can share a common passion with other people.
Personally, I am part of so many different communities – depends on where I am in the world – whether in my home country, in EU, or in USA. Sometimes it gets confusing because every community has its own language and cultural artifacts. But my favorite communities are the ones, not constricted by boundaries.
I participate in a football community, in a reading/publishing community and right now, I am part more or less in the BSU community. And yes, BSU is a community – we are following our own goals, while being connected by one common thing – EDUCATION.

I am not very sure that once we leave BSU, we are still going to be connected to the BSU community – depends on every person. For sure it will be easier with us being constantly connected through social media.