Who am I and why I started blog?

Hello and welcome to my blog. This week is dedicated to BSU Social Media week so I will be participating in the blog-fest.

Let’s start with some introductions: I am Kristina Kapanova (Krisi for short), and I am international student from Bulgaria finishing my masters degree at BSU. Meanwhile, I also work as a graduate assistant at the Office of Study Abroad and among other things I deal with the office’s social media plan. I am really happy that before graduating this May I will be able to participate in the Social Media week and share my experience by blogging, so let the week begin.

My reasons for starting¬† blogging were pretty simple. It was around 2004 and I was still an undergraduate at Sofia University when I went on a summer work and travel brigade to Alaska and I wanted to document my first journey away from home. That way my family and friends were able to see the adventure through my posts and pictures, to feel connected with me during this incredible journey, and also to know that I was safe since posting regularly meant that all is fine even if I haven’t emailed or called.

After I returned from my adventure (from which you can see pictures in the blog post) I decided to continue blogging on the subjects I was passionate about.







Read my next post about the subjects I blog, why I still do it and how. Or you can skip the second part and jump right to the third part of what is a good blog for me and why you should blog.