What is a good blog and why

If you are just joining my blog check the previous two post about why I started blogging and why I still blog. And now the third installment of why you should blog.

People find various reasons why a blog is good or not. For me personally, a good blog is one that has one of the following things:

  • Insightful posts about topic of interest – with information how, why to do stuff or explanation of a topic.
  • Keep it relatively short – more than a 1000 words is a stretch sometimes.
  • A fun/unique way to express opinion – meaning posting just because the blogger believes he/she should share something, not because he/she thinks about posting just because everybody does it
  • Blogs about the blogger’s passion – whatever your passion – if you follow it and blog about it – it will show in the life of the blog – a reader can always recognize genuine posts from ones that are just for postings sake.
  • Interaction with readers – get to know them, share your passion with them, involve them into your blogging life and they will involve you.

And for the end of this first posting session during BSU Social media week, I will end with advice to people who think about blogging. I actually told that to my boss at Office of Study Abroad at BSU – Lisa, who started blogging this year as well. If you are passionate about something and believe your information can help a person, blog it. It is easy to set up a blog, customize it and start. But don’t write like you are writing research paper (I often end up doing just that on my social media/tech blog), share your thoughts and opinion, be honest, throw a joke or two, give people a picture, make the blog a way to represent yourself.

One thing to remember – don’t blog because you want to be famous, blog because you have something to say, if you are truly passionate about it, the people will come. Maybe not tomorrow or next month, maybe not even this year, but eventually somebody will find your blog, share it to Facebook/Twitter/Google + and you will find other people who are passionate about the same things as you are and you will find many new friends. I know I did, and it made me a better person.