Still blogging

From my previous post you found out why I started blogging, so here I am introducing why I still blog and about what.

Honestly, I blog because I want to share my thoughts and opinions with the whole world. It is a perfect medium for my personality type – talk with the world and people, but on your own timetable and about the things I am really passionate about.

Nowadays I have 3 blogs (not counting my website and the blogs for school assignments and work). Some people might say it is too much but let me give you my reasoning for the amount of blogs I have.

I like to keep things compartmentalized, so I have a blog for personal rants – what bothers me, why I am happy, unhappy and for social commentary – from politics to entertainment.

Then my second blog is about creativity/design/books – for sharing creative things I find online, or my own creative pursuits. It is a place where I can use the right side of my brain and just be Engraphia.

My third blog (the one you are currently reading) is about social media, technology and innovation – this is more professional, but still personal – there I share opinions on new technology, interesting news and developments in the IT business, along with social media posts I write of how-to and why articles.

Why I separate it? Well because people have many facets of their life, and putting everything together in a Facebook style sharing system is just not something I care for. I like clear paths and directions and separating the type of content to various blogs helps me keep concise direction, similar message, as well as not confusing the people that read/follow me. I am not the most famous blogger, and I don’t want to be. Mostly because I only blog when I feel I have something to share with the world. Posting just for numbers or the sake of it is pointless. We are surrounded by enough content noise as it is than for me to add to the increasing amount of information online.

If you are still interested – you can visit the third part of today’s blog posts about blogging advice and what I find is a good blog.