Since I am participating in the Social Media Week at BSU, I asked my boss at the Office of Study Abroad to also write something about the Blogfest. I asked her some of the question that were provided as guidelines and here is what she said about her blogging experience:

       1. What motivated you to get started with blogging?

–  I was motivated to get into blogging because I wrote a book called “How to Drink From The World Cup – Tips on Studying Abroad and Getting Globally Involved.”  I found that there is a lot of interest in this topic and people need general info – high school and college students and their parents.
–  I want to try and market my book online  and find an agent but I also wanted to see what the response is to my writing style and voice
–  I got interested in blogging when I first read “Julie and Julia” and found out that she was able to get a book contract based on the success of her blog
–  I got the final push to set up my blog when my graduate assistant, Krisi, who has a lot of experience with blogging and social media, convinced it was easy to start and helped me set it up (she actually set it ALL up so it was, in fact, very easy!)

       2. Why do you continue to blog?

I continue to blog because I find I like to be able to mix study abroad and sports and I have a platform for lots of ideas and thoughts, plus when things come up I can explain or give pertinent information to students or their families.

       3. What do you think makes for great blogs or not-so-great blogs?

– I like funny blogs that are not too academic but that give some info
– Preachy is not good, so keeping it light is important

4. Any advice for people considering getting started with a blog? 

– Just start!
– Think of a topic that you can write easily about, and just write, or tweet…
– Go and study abroad and then you can blog about it.
– Use one of the easy blogging sites or maybe Krisi will start her own business and she can help you, too!
– Whatever you do, don’t forget to study abroad.


So Lisa, is one of the bloggers in the world now, and she has some great posts. I highly recommend you to check her How To Drink From The World Cup . She can make you laugh if you are still wondering about studying abroad and she also has some very important points for every student to take into consideration.

Please visit her blog and greet her to the blogosphere.