The New Facebook Timeline for Pages

For all of you out there who have Facebook pages, you already know that the Timeline for pages is coming for everyone on March 30th, whether you like it or not.

Initially, I saw that as horrible news. Mainly I was worried that the left navigation bar, that I just managed to create and establish as a good example on my pages, now will be hidden. Furthermore, the welcome pages, with all the graphics and creativity will be gone too. So that was a lot of work, which paid itself in the long run, but I hoped for more time.

The new Timeline for pages won’t have landing pages for new users, they will be landing directly on the timeline. And the first thing they will see will be the new cover image along with the smaller logo on the left side. The cover image is big – 851 by 315 pixels – and can showcase a lot of things – from like us, contact information, to showcasing important parts of the business/organization.

The new logo is with fixed measurements 120 by 120 pixel space on the left bottom corner of the cover photo. The best thing is if the organization finds a way to incorporate that logo with the cover photo somehow. On the bottom of the post will be some examples of successful new page timelines.

About the apps – you can add up to 21 apps on your page timeline, with 4 of them showed under the cover photo on the right side. Those 4 tabs need to be chosen very carefully, because once the users see the cover photo, the next thing they will notice is those apps.

New additions: with the new timeline you can choose and pin a post to the top of your page, and it will remain there for a week or until it is removed.

Messages – the new addition to the pages is the option to send and receive messages from users.

You can also highlight posts on your timeline which automatically expands the content to stretch across the two columns of the timeline, making it more visually discoverable for users. It can be used to showcase important events, milestones, news and more.

The good thing about the new timeline is that you can create a full history of your organization on your brand – with important events, milestones and such. The bad thing is that the personal landing tabs are not going to function anymore and users will land straight to the timeline. The new timeline asks for a new strategy for the pages and a lot more creativity to engage users – how many people liked your pages is not a deciding factor, but how many actually interact with your page is more important.


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