Thoughts on the Publishing Business Virtual Conference and Expo

I attended last week the Publishing Business Virtual Conference
and Expo and was extremely satisfied from the webinars I attended.
First was "Digital Editions: Increase your open rates and audience 
engagement".The speakers mentioned important points like app usability,
advertising for print and online, as well as app. And of course one of
the most important questions was about analytics and how the conversions
are measured.
One thing to worth mentioning was the idea that you can give the option
to advertisers to buy basic space on all formats you are offering 
content, and upgrade/pay more for additional options - adding video, 
audio, interactive.
The second talk was about ebook prices and let me tell you - according to
the presenter, the price of $9.99 is essentially wrong because it is not low
enough to drive sales up, and yet it is not high enough do provide sufficient
profits. He also presented a study in which people responded they are ready
to pay more for an ebook than a printed book if there is added value - 
interaction, more information, option, etc.
I also attended a webinar during the Expo about the next killer app
where the speakers emphasized on the importance of the type of content
and with that content in mind to decide how exactly to build the app.
The last talk I listened was about the QR codes. Something I haven't 
considered before the talk was that near every code you should put 
a little explanation about usage of the QR code, because not 
everybody is familiar with the QR codes.
So in conclusion it was very fullfilling and enjoying day, learning a
lot about trends, research and best practices from the industry.
I am also posting some pictures.