Virtual corkboards

Lately we are all trying to work virtually and reduce the amount of paper and notes around the office/house. Here are several virtual stickynotes web apps.

  1. – easy to use, just register and you receive a personal space to store your notes.
  2. is another virtual stickynotes service. You just have to bookmark the corkboard and start filling it with notes.
    If you want to secure the board though you have to buy a subscription.
  3. – this service has a lot more options available. You can register and use it for free with some limits embedded in their points system. When register you receive 99 points which you spend when you create various features. You can of course buy a subscription.
  4. – another web board for stickynotes, free to register. You can create notes, choose the color, attach pictures to the notes and share them with someone. Also you can tweet a certain note and view your notes with iGoogle.