Social media policy

Social networking sites are being used constantly from employees in most companies, but do CEOs understand how to manage the whole “social media” thing?
Along with all the postitive effects – better brand recognition, faster access to your customers, better communication with them, looking for employees and/or evaluating futures ones through social networking activities, there are some dangers also associated with social media, like:
1. Malware, spyware, phishing attacks, and of course my all time favorite: social engineering. In an era when we are sharing volunatily so much information about ourselves it will be a lot more easier for malicious attackers to find out more about employees and use it to gain access to the system.
2. Sharing confidential information. Companies should have clear policy on that matter, not that it saves them from embarrasment or leaking, but still, at least CIOs would know they tried.
3. There are so many social networking sites that covering all of them to a degree satisfactory enough is unrealistic. And the policy makers should make sure the future policy is not overly restrictive, cause people hate to hear only what they can’t do. Especially in an era when if you ban the access to social networking sites from the office network, employees will just turn to their mobile devices and access Facebook/Twitter/Google + or whatever from there. You can’t keep tabs on that. So a policy should have the ability to communicate what could be communicated through the social networking sites, talk about the intricate situations from certainbehavior and sharing of inapropriate content.