Vivox-integrated voice platform for the social web

Vivox – provides communication services like voice chat, IM in online games, virtual worlds and other online communities. Vivox communication platform could be used in Second Life, EVE Online, EverQuest, Dungeons & Dragons Insiders and more. The business makes the technology behind Bobsled for T-Mobile, the Facebook application offering free VoIP calls on the social network: calls from a PC(or MAC) to a PC(or MAC) are free, regardless of where you are connecting from and to.

From an interview of Facebook Marketing Review with Vivox Jennifer Frkanec, she notes the following:

Future features focus on usability and making the application an effective tool for the business side of Facebook and a fun app for the social side. We are looking at making events easier to create and run – attaching to more viral ways of promoting the event and ways of managing large groups with text and speaking indicators. We are also looking at different modes where only speakers can be heard but users can ‘raise their hand’ to ask a question, and, of course, expanding capacity for even larger events on Facebook.

Recording is also on the roadmap so people can re-post events like podcasts. On the more social side, we are looking at implementing virtual goods like voice fonts, recording messages to post to walls and enhanced dial-in capability. We are also working to open up the APIs and give developers more access and control of the app for their own purposes


The quote is taken directly from the Facebook Marketing Review web site and the interview is from November 2009 and the post is by William Smith called ” Interview with Jennifer Frkanec from Vivox, Voice chat for Facebook”