Paving the Way for e-book production and beyond

From the survey they conducted among 312 publishers it is clear that the main challanges the industry faces are: eReader format and compatibility options and distribution channel issues.

Most of the publishers use their own format and their own eCommerce sites, instead of using major distribution channels.

Publishers need: structured, flexible content
device/platform independence
ebook profitability and revenue streams.

During the webinar the guests are talking not only about assigning ISBN to digital editions, but also explaining that for every format – epub, mobi, pdf, and others a publisher needs a separate ISBN number. Very important consideration for publishers should be how to distribute their ebooks – whether trough their own system, or through Amazon or another retailer, should the company use DRM or not, how to provide successful paging for the books, especially for the ones that are non-fiction.

Interesting topic is the markup language XML and how it could be used for the development of e-book. The advantages and disadvantages of XML, style sheets, converting types and etc.