Quora Q&A site and the right audience

Quora was founded by ex-Facebook employees and Benchmark Capital invested in the new startup in the beginning of the year 86$ million. It has developed a loyal Silicon Valley following and a reputation as a hot, promising startup.

Their mission: “create a repository of knowledge that picks up where Wikipedia leaves off, and a site that can field the kind of detailed queries that Google (GOOG) gags on. ”

But does Quora actually has a change considering the saturated category of question-and-answer sites on the Web with servies like Yahoo! Answers (YHOO), Formspring, Aardvark, ChaCha, WikiAnswers (ANSW), and many others in providing a forum where Web users ask and answer queries online. Quora’s biggest challenge may be its founders’ former employer. Over the summer, Facebook launched a competing service, Facebook Questions.

Could the destinction be the right crowd – most of the people using the service are who’s who in the tech industry.