The wave of collaborative cyber warfare

According to Paul Spencer, general manager at security firm AEP Networks, cybercrime is now a business and botnets are the heart of the cybercrime infrastructure.

“[Reports of] the selling of the botnet by the Iranian Cyber Army doesn’t come as any surprise as cyber criminals, just like any other criminals, need to find new ways to make money. But it’s no longer just about making a quick buck. The potential for the botnet to be used in a targeted attack against critical infrastructure is very real”, he said.

Spencer also adds: “With the goal of the Iranian Cyber Army to ‘conquer virtual space’, the move away from defacement attacks against Twitter and Baidu towards malicious botnets sees it aiming to fulfill its powerful objective. . . They have much bigger prizes in mind, and are creating mechanisms dedicated at corporate espionage and attacking against real-world infrastructures, such as power stations. These attacks are more targeted, more sophisticated, and more potent.”

The information is gathered from InfoSecurity article