Back up your files

What is backup?

It is nothing more than a copy of your data, stored to prevent it from being lost or stolen. Your IT department could decide when and how much – if every day they should backup the whole system, or only the changed files.

Why it is important to backup your data?

Imagine a burglary, disaster or plain human stupidity. In all situations you end up losing critical data either by saving/deleting a file a person wasn’t supposed to do, someone gets it your office and takes your hardware with all the information in it, or you have an earthquake like the one recently in New Zealand. Sometimes situations like that could lead to millions of lost revenues, or plain important information of knowledge for either a company or a private citizen. We came to a time where we have terabytes of information and we do not know exactly when it will come in hand. Some of course is vital to our organizations.

There are several ways to backup your information – either in an onsite location – such as on discs, tapes or another server. The positive side is that it is onsite, which means that the bandwidth used to backup your system on a daily basis won’t be expensive, cause it is in the internal network. You don’t need to outsource it – your IT department could set the system for daily backing up. The problem is that if something happens in the office – you backup goes and you are left with nothing. Another problem with this kind of backing is the false relief the managers of the organizations feel – hey, yeah we have backup if anything happens, but what would they explain when someone steals, breaks or damages the backing up device?

Even if you are a normal user you need to backup your documents regularly. The smart thing to do is to backup on several different places – just for insurance. When I proposed this kind of solution to several small business, unable to pay large amount of money for online backup they just brushed off the proposal, saying they have on-site backup drive. The problem was that several months later one of the firms had to do a little maintenance, and due the fact they were sure they had a backup device – they deleted important data without doing checkup of the backup. At the end it turned out that their backup device was broken due to overheating in the office. They ended up losing all their data and with no second/third backup file to restore.

Another option is a remote backup service.

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