Customer service at Reagan mail

A lot of people in the technology industry, especially when it comes to necessity like e-mail service offer a great deal of coverage, up time, not paid for service (Yes it comes from conglomerates like Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, but you get a working service).

Take a look at a new project from the son of president Ronald Reagan. He is offering a counter e-mail service to the liberal supporting big ones.  You have to pay 39.95$/year to have a handle and mail there, and all the money would go to support the conservative causes…

But if you take a closer look of the Terms of service (which usually average users just skip), you can read the following:

“Support Services

You are using the Services AT YOUR OWN RISK and we are under no obligation to provide you with any support, error corrections, updates, upgrades, bug fixes and/or enhancements of the Service, although we reserve the right to do so.

We Make No Warranties

We provide the Reagan Network and the Services as is, with all faults and as available. We and our suppliers make no express warranties or guarantees about the Services”

If you still want to subscribe or just check out the service click here