Write a novel with a help from Newnovelist

If you are a writer, you probably experience trouble keeping track of all aspects and characters of your work. Some authors use index cards, others different tabs on word processor or other creative methods to remind them of events, story elements, and character progression.

NewNovelist is a story builder, and a word processor. It helps you create a detailed outline for any kind of three-act fiction story. The first screen asks you to choose among three story categories: Plot, Epic, and Character. From there, you’re given anywhere between two and ten more subcategory choices, each with a detailed description. Once the story creation wizard is finished, you’ll go to the main editing interface.

Most of the work you’ll do in NewNovelist will be from the writing interface, which has a central space for word processing functions, and two sidebars — one for chapter information, the other for notes and research.  The Chapters sidebar is essentially a list of icons that represent each turning point in the story according to the options you chose during the initial story wizard. If you click on one of them, you get a highly detailed explanation of what should be happening in this part of the book. The editing interface will also switch to a new perspective, allowing you to properly separate each story segment in its own textual partition.

There is no grammar checking functionality, but there is a rudimentary built-in dictionary with synonyms, and a reasonably competent inline spell checker that accepts both US and British spellings. You can’t tab to begin new paragraphs, you can’t change your font or write anything in bold, italics, or underline, can’t set margins, cant indent, etc. Basically the text editor is non existant.

The story creation aspect arbitrarily divides your tale into twelve steps that are shared by many stories in one form or another.

When you’re done with your manuscript, you can export it to a PDF, which is ideal for printing; or to rich text format (RTF).

Newnovelist іѕ based ?n serious, academic study ?f thе conventions аnd rules ?f novel writing.  If you want to focus on the creativiry instead of organizing your story Newnovelist might be a good solution for writers.

Some picture of Newnovelist 1.0 version