Web browsers – Flock

According to PC Magazine, Flock is one of the best free browsers for 2010.  I just discovered it recently and I am satisfied with its capabilities.

It is build on the Mozilla Firefox open-source browser and the browser specializes in providing social networking and other features into its interface.

Currently Flock is available in almost 20 languages and it is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

If you have used Firefox, you will find a lot of common between them evidently, but Flock gives you a lot of opportunities for social sites.

On the home page – “My world” you can search twitter, see updates from you facebook friends,see feeds from you current feeds, and your favorite media files.

Another great feature is the Media bar, where you can search in flickr, facebook, photobucket,picasa, youtube, revver, tinypic, and truveo.

If you have a blog, twitter, facebook, bebo, digg, flickr, myspace, youtube, photobucket, picasa account, or a web mail account, you could easily sign up and use the browser as a platform, without going to every page.

One of my favorite options is the web clipper. Only with drag and drop you could save your favorite sites or clip pages to read them later. And if you want to send a link to a friend – just click the mail button, which is located on the read of the search bar – and you are ready – no copy/paste and etc.

Really nice browser for users of social web tools. Here are some screenshots: