Publishing in 21 century

The publishing industry in 21 century acts like the music industry when they were dealing with music piracy.  And instead of fighting new trends, as the music companies did, publishing houses should focus on listening. They should try to figure out who buys books and why, how, where, with whom they engage books.

The print industry should go online and start using some of the social tools. A good example was the campaign for the anniversary of Douglas Adams book “The hitchhiker guide to the Galaxy”. They engaged the readers and the fans of the book online trough social networks, they changed their whole site. It was a good campaign.

But I think that it is also important to recognize that less people would buy books if they haven’t read part/section/chapter. Readers don’t want to waste money on something invaluable. And also e-books will become bigger part of the book market.

Nothing of those doesn’t mean that the printed books will disappear. Something that proved to be good for more than 500 years is not abandoned over night. Printed and e-books will have their fans, and the publishing industry should not fight against the changes, but it should embrace them instead.